import { MDXProvider } from '@mdx-js/tag';
const MyH1 = props => <h1 style={{ color: 'tomato' }} {...props} />
const MyParagraph = props => <p style={{ fontSize: '18px', lineHeight: 1.6 }} />
const components = {
h1: MyH1,
p: MyParagraph
export const wrapRootElement = ({ element }) => (
<MDXProvider components={components}>{element}</MDXProvider>


MDXProvider is a React component that allows you to replace the rendering of tags in MDX content. It does this by providing a list of components via context to the internal MDXTag component that handles rendering of base tags like p and h1. There are two special tags that can be replaced too: inlineCode and wrapper. inlineCode is for inline <code> and wrapper is the special element that wraps all of the MDX content.


It's important to define the components you pass in in a stable way so that the references don't change if you want to be able to navigate to a hash. That's why we defined components outside of any render functions in these examples.

Read more over at the mdx-js docs.

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