Gatsby Remark Plugins

This config option is used for compatibility with a set of plugins many people use with remark that require the gatsby environment to function properly. In some cases, like gatsby-remark-prismjs, it makes more sense to use a library like prism-react-renderer to render codeblocks using a React component. In other cases, like gatsby-remark-images, the interaction with the Gatsby APIs is well deserved because the images can be optimized by Gatsby and you should continue using it.


gatsbyRemarkPlugins: [
resolve: `gatsby-remark-images`,
options: {
// It's important to specify the maxWidth (in pixels) of
// the content container as this plugin uses this as the
// base for generating different widths of each image.
maxWidth: 590


Using a string reference is currently not supported for gatsbyRemarkPlugins. (A PR would be accepted for this).

gatsbyRemarkPlugins: [
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